I have provided pollination for orchards in Cromwell for the last 8 years. If you are looking for hives for your orchard, I can provide beehives for your requirements.

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Honey Extraction

Wild Central Otago Honey has a certified extraction plant. Our honey is extracted in our own plant and either packed into bulk drums or pre-packed for local or export market. If you need your honey extracted, I am able to do this for you.

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Honey Supply

Our honey is extracted and stored in drums available for supply in New Zealand and worldwide market. Our honey is raw and untreated and can be tested for any requirements for export.

Wild Central Otago Honey

My parents owned Wild Central Otago (Nekta Klektaz Ltd) for over 10 years and comes from a horticultural background, having previously owned an apricot orchard, on Cornish Point, Cromwell.
I have always had an interest in beekeeping, and took the business over from my father in 2013.

Wild Central Otago hives are carefully placed throughout Central Otago and Northern Southland.

Wild Central Otago produce Creamed Clover, both Creamed and Liquid Thyme, and Liquid Wildflower.

Our honey is raw and has not been heat treated.

We are registered animal product exporters, if you want to send honey overseas.


  • 258 Cornish Point Road, Central Otago, New Zealand